6 prong tall head with peg

available in 14K White and Platinum
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Style # Center Stone Shape Center Stone Size Weight in 14K
Round 2.6mm 0.2g
Round 2.8mm 0.2g
Round 3.1mm 0.2g
Round 3.65mm 0.3g
Round 4.0mm 0.3g
Round 4.4mm 0.4g
Round 4.75mm 0.4g
Round 5.0mm 0.4g
Round 5.5mm 0.5g
Round 5.75mm 0.6g
Round 6.5mm 0.6g
Round 7.0mm 0.7g
Round 7.4mm 0.7g
Round 8.0mm 0.8g
Round 9.0mm 1.1g
Round 9.5mm 1.1g
Round 9.75mm 1.2g
Round 10.25mm 1.2g
Round 11.25mm 1.5g