Laser Welding and Repair Service

We use the Laser every day to repair jewelry to size rings and fix broken chains, etc.

Without this laser welding machine, no quality jewelry can be made. We can fix prongs on the top of the diamond, emerald, we can size a platinum band while holding it in hand. The most use that the Laser gets is the quality control of our castings. Every piece goes under the Laser's 10X stereo microscope to analyze  surface density. We can see any porosity that might occur during the casting process, we will fix it and then the piece will be send to the Magnetic Tumblers.

The idea of Laser beam is very simple. A very powerful light is generated from a bulb and it is concentrated down into a narrow beam which is controlled by the operator with a foot pedal. There is no need for solder since it will melt the same material for a few milliseconds. If needed we will add the same exact material from a thin wire form to compensate the loss of metal that was burned.